Hotkey Basics on Cross|Up

One of the most exciting aspects of the Cross|Up is its hotkeys. Combined with the Designer Software, you can amp up your practice regimen and take full advantage of training mode.

By pressing and holding Touchpad + Options at the same time, you activate the hotkey options on the Cross|Up.


Default Hotkeys

Profiles 1 & 2 - PS4/PC
    • Stick Binds
      • Up: Tekken Training Reset (Touchpad + X)
      • Down: UMvC3 Training Reset (Touchpad + Start)
      • Left: L3
      • Right: R3

Profile 3 - Nintendo Switch

    • Stick Binds
      • Up: Smash Ultimate Versus Exit (L + R + A + “+”)
      • Down: Smash Ultimate Training Reset (L + R + A)


You can even remap what you want your hotkey menu to look like for each profile. Just select the "Show Training Mode keys" option at the top of the Designer Software window when editing your profile.

Download the Designer Software: here.