Product FAQ

Where are Hit Boxes made?

PS3/PC and Multi Console Hit Boxes are manufactured in Las Vegas and assembled in Henderson, Nevada, USA.

Xbox One and PS4 Hit Boxes are manufactured in China.  Ethics and quality assurance are our absolute priorities in their manufacturing.

What buttons are used?

Hit Boxes use authentic Sanwa pushbuttons.  These are the same buttons used in Japanese arcade cabinets and are the standard for tournament play.  Hit Boxes use smaller 24mm buttons for an ergonomic fit, and one larger 30mm button for the Jump button.  

Is it easy to replace the buttons?

Yes.  Buttons can be replaced solder free with easily removable quick disconnects.  To open the case you will need a 2mm hex wrench or Alan key.

Is there an Xbox 360-only model?

No.  The only Xbox 360-compatible Hit Box is the Multi-Console edition.

Will my PS3 or Multi-Console Hit Box work on Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

PS3/PC and Multi-Console Hit Boxes work with PlayStation 4 legacy support games, such as the PS4 versions of MKX, USFIV, SFV, and Skullgirls.  Simply load your game and leave your PS4 pad plugged in; then connect your Hit Box and you are good to play!  SFV requires legacy controller activation in the game menu options.

Do Hit Boxes go on sale?

We are a small company, and offer our best prices every day.  As we grow in size we will be able to sponsor more events and offer more sales down the road.  Thank you for your support!