SFV - Dragon Punch Shortcut Guide

There are three major Dragon Punch shortcuts in Street Fighter V that YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED!!!  These motions are clean and crisp and make your life so much easier!  I highly recommend working these into your game.

#1 The Walking Dragon Punch

Hold Forward, tap Down, (let go of Down) and then finish with your attack button.  This makes your DP motion as fast as tapping Down and letting go!  Remember, you have to wait until you let go of Down before pressing attack!
Tip:  Try to use this shortcut in combos when you cancel attacks into DP from standing normals.

#2 The Crouching Dragon Punch 

From a crouch, hold Down-Forward, then let go of Forward (to Down), and press Forward again before finishing the motion with an attack button.  This gives you a Dragon Punch motion without leaving the crouch position, meaning you keep the lowest profile possible to anti-air your opponent!

Tip:  Use this motion in combos that cancel into DP from a crouch position.  This saves you the trouble of letting go and typing back out a Dragon punch from standing position.

Try using Left + Right + Down in this motion!  Left + Right cancel each other out, leaving you with the same inputs!

 #3 The Instant Dragon Punch

Aka the M.O.D.O.F. select, this is the fastest Dragon Punch possible:  Forward, Down-Forward, Up-Forward + Punch.
This requires you to use Forward + Down + Up directions at the same time.  Since Up > Down on Hit Box, you'll get an Up-Forward direction while you finish the motion.
Tip:  Use your right thumb to hit Up + Attack at the same time.  This makes the motion super easy! 

Why would you need normal DPs ever again!????  Hope these shortcuts help level up your game!

Happy Training!
- Dustin