DBFZ Movement Tech with Jayto

Jayto is hard at work as usual grinding out Dragon Ball FighterZ hype, but recently he was kind enough to pause the grind and share some of his most useful Hit Box techniques for mobility in DBFZ.

In this video Jayto focuses on three main techniques and how to use them.

Instant Air Dash:
Running Instant Air Dash:
Running Neutral Jump:

Instant Air Dash

Jayto explains that IAD is incredibly intuitive on Hit Box and that this method is much better than the alternative of using the button dash because there is no height restriction.  This simple input is the reason so many players switch to Hit Box for airdashers.



Running Instant Air Dash

This alternate input of the Instant Air Dash is the easiest way to perform the IAD out of a run.  Rather than letting go of Forward, you get to hold it the entire time from a run.  While running hold Forward, then tap Jump; tap Back.

 On Hit Box, Left + Right = Neutral.


Running Neutral Jump

Jayto's final tip is how to store your running momentum and hide it into a neutral jump.  By running into a neutral jump you appear to have done a normal forward jump -- BUT -- it's actually a running neutral jump!  This means that if you use your double jump forward you rocket forwards and take your opponent by surprise.

You can use Running Neutral Jump for many situations.  Jayto explains that you can use it to throw out an aerial poke in neutral game, then choose from there what you want to do with that stored run momentum!  It opens up a lot of possibilities.

If Left + Right cancel each other out... Left + Right + Up gives you a neutral jump!


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