Hit Box Arcade

Hit Box proudly donated a custom All-American Hit Box to the USO once we learned how awesome their fighting game scene is!  We received the letters below from Jarvis, a member of the elite fighting game group the "Kandahar Assassins."  

"I bought one of your HitBox Arcade controllers and it's been everything I wanted and more. I've taken it overseas with me and many people expressed interest in your product. Our gaming group, the "Kandahar Assassins," has garnered a reputation as being some of the best fighting game players on base and your HitBox is a big part of that image. Everyone knows who we are, what we do, and they know me as "the guy with the HitBox." Simply pulling it out against a new challenger is usually enough "get in the head" of my opponent; when they see I know how to use it they're even more impressed. Thanks for making a great product!"

We Kandahar Assassins have donated fighting games to the USO, taught new players, soldiers and civillians alike, how to play games like Street Fighter X Tekken and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, and we support what the USO has been doing for the people overseas. It's amazing how gaming can bring people together no matter where you go. Best yet: I haven't had a single issue with your product even given all the dust out here. I've been using it everyday for hours at a time and it's just as responsive as when I first got it."

We just had to show our support!

"I got your package today and I ran the stuff over to the USO. It was an awesome night: all the Kandahar Assassins showed up and at one point we had eight people playing SFxT at once on two seperate television sets. Lately I've been playing a lot of newer fighting gamers and schooling them up on the finer details of KOF XIII, SFxT, and SSF4: AE. Everyone thought the American Flag Hitbox was awesome and the USO employees loved it! Here are a couple pictures I took, but there's more incoming. Thanks for everything guys! The box is now property of the USO and I look forward to teaching people how to use it at every available opportunity!"

Happy 4th of July to Jarvis and all the Kandahar Assassins!!!  It's truly an honor.

Written by Hit Box — July 04, 2012