Hit Box Arcade

Hit Box arcade controllers are continuing to grow in demand!  The demand is such that availability has only been via pre-ordering since the beginning of 2013.  Things have yet to slow, and Team Hit Box just announced its next volley of pre-orders to be sent in May.

Dustin Huffer:  "We have seen a big boost in popularity since SCR, and we've been doing our best to meet demand.  The pre-order process hasn't been fun to make our fans wait, but it's the best way to handle this volume.  May will be the next official deadline, and we will continue to ship as fast as we receive parts."

Pre-orders will still be shipping throughout the month of April as Team Hit Box receives parts, but the official deadline for pre-orders is May, 2013.

Thank you for your patience!

Written by Hit Box — March 30, 2013