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***UPDATE 5/4/17:  Firmware Update Here:  Please click download link above and follow instructions.  Hold PS Button (Home) + Share (Select) while plugging your Hit Box into your PC.





  • Fixes 8-minute timeout issue with latest PS4 console update.
  • Removes random turbo glitch reported in some units.
  • Added Touchpad click button (now replaces Share button).
  • Share button feature is now Touchpad + Options (Start)




Update Instructions:

PS4 Firmware Update requires a Windows platform to install.  Update should only take a few minutes.

  1. Hold the 'PlayStation Menu' (Home) Button while plugging into PC.  Wait and allow PC drivers to automatically install.
  2. Download Firmware Update Software from link above and open program.
  3. Click 'Update' and do not remove USB until updater is complete.  (Make sure you held down the Home Button while plugging in your Hit Box.)
  4. Your Hit Box is now updated and will no longer 8-minute timeout.


PlayStation Menu (Home Button) needs to be held down for updater to run.
Then follow update instructions.

Written by Hit Box — January 13, 2016