New Hit Box Firmware

[Updated July 21, 2020]

These notes apply only to Hit Boxes delivered in or after June 2020 (thinner version with foam-like, non-slip bottom). If you have issues with a Hit Box before June 2020, please email us at

If you need any help with anything else, write to our official support email or describe your problems in the #tech-support channel of our Discord.

Note: Our moderators and users are volunteers and not Hit Box staff.

PS4 Usage

  • Plug your controller into the PS4.
  • Wait 3 seconds
  • Press the Home button. When successful, you'll get the login screen.
  • Sign into your account

Switch Usage

  • Enable Wired Pro Controller according to the instructions on this page: Hit Box on Switch Troubleshoot.
  • Plug your Hit Box into the Switch.
  • Wait 3 seconds
  • Press the HOME button, you will see the USB gamepad icon in the lower left side of your screen.
  • You can now control your Switch with your Hit Box. Note: The direction buttons are DPAD only.


  • Joy.cpl is the Windows USB Gamepad control panel, there are a few ways to get to it but the easiest way is to press Windows+R and type in "joy.cpl" in the Run window.
  • USB Gamepads show up in this panel and you can check that buttons work by checking the properties.

PC Usage

  • Plug your controller into your PC. It will show up as "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" in joy.cpl
  • There are no forced compatibility modes for this Hit Box. 
  • Issues with Steam or other games can be solved by changing your configurations in your game's controller config menu, in Steam Big Picture Mode, with X360CE, or with Antimicro. (Look at the pinned threads in #tech-support and #hitbox-discussion in our discord for info on these.)

New Compatibility Modes

  • Compatibility modes force your Hit Box to identify itself as a legacy controller. These legacy modes are for PC only, they do not work for consoles. Legacy modes exist for the purpose of special remappings for use with X360CE or Anitmicro.
  • By default, your Hit Box will identify itself as an XInput device and work for most steam games and emulators.
  • To start your controller in forced compatibility mode, you need to hold the following buttons as you plug it into PC.
    • P1 (Square): "PS3 Gamepad" [USB HID, DInput, Not compatible with DS3 Windows]
    • P2 (Triangle): "UAG" [USB HID, DInput, Not compatible with DS4Windows]
    • P3 (R1): "Controller (Xbox 360 For Windows)" [XInput, works with most steam games, this is the default startup mode]
    • More info: PC Modes on Hit Box.

Reflashing your firmware

A lot of problems with Brook boards can typically be solved just by reflashing the firmware. The firmware can very rarely get corrupted just through regular use, reflashing the firmware fixes this.

  1. Download the Hit Box Firmware July.20.2020 firmware. Previous Hit Box firmwares or any other Brook firmwares are NOT compatible with Hit Boxes made from June 2020 or later.
  2. Extract the folder with firmware.bin to your PC. This is important because Windows 7/10's automatic zip extraction does not work with this new flashing method.
  3. Unplug your Hit Box from your PC/Console.
  4. Hold the HOME and SHARE button while plugging it into your PC.
  5. Wait a bit, and you will see a new disk drive on your PC labeled WireDS4.
  6. Open this disk drive. In this drive is a single file named "firmware.bin."
  7. Overwrite the firmware.bin file in the WireDS4 drive and replace it  with the firmware.bin in the folder you extacted to your desktop earlier.
  8. If successful, the disk drive will unmount itself and the controller will reconnect itself. You will see it as "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" in joy.cpl


Q1. My Hit Box doesn't connect to my PS4 or Switch.

A1. Unplug your Hit Box from your console and remove the cable from your controller. Plug the cable back into your Hit Box then your console. Wait 3 seconds. Press the Home button. Sometimes the autodetection doesn't work properly, reseat your controller when this happens.

Q2. On PC, my Hit Box only appears as "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" in joy.cpl.

A2. This is the default setting for Hit Box.

Q3. On PC, my Hit Box does not start up in any of the compatibility modes listed on the PC Modes post.

A3. Hit Boxes from June 2020 currently only auto-detect compatibility. 

Q4. I have a stuck button on my console.

A4. Follow the button check instructions in the Discord by posting "!buttoncheck" without the quotes.

Q5. I have verified that my buttons are physically fine but occasionally misfiring.

A5. If you have already reseated the suspect connectors, then reflash your firmware.

Q6. I have other issues or the fixes detailed here have not helped me.

A6. Write us at and we'll get you sorted out.

If you need any help with anything else, write to our official support email