PS4 Hit Box Pre-order News - August 2018

Hit Box News

Some important news regarding the next incoming PS4 Hit Boxes:

As long requested from user feedback, we will be implementing an upgrade to these new line of Hit Boxes moving forward: detachable cables! 

Combining this feature with the reinforced cables we put into place earlier this year, our goal is to improve upon the life and quality of our Hit Boxes even further—reducing the chance of broken cables to near zero.

This new version of Hit Boxes will be shipping in mid-September 2018. All pre-orders starting on August 5th (EVO Finals Day) will be included in this new batch.

We understand this is a relatively longer wait, and we definitely want the new line to come out as fast as possible too! We're taking this time to ensure that this new feature is 100% good to go before it reaches your hands.

As with any pre-order news, we want to always be transparent and upfront with you. So, if this news changes your mind about your pre-order/you would like a refund, please email us at with your order #. We will take care of it, straightaway.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please also email us at or tweet us @Hit_Box .

Thank you!