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Button Check: Exploring Alternatives to the Standard Six Button Stick Configuration

Shoryuken.com writer Suriel Vasquez wrote a great canvass of your controller options as a fighting game player, and the Hit Box stickless controller is one of the listed options.  Check out some of what he has to say:

"One example, the Hitbox controller, replaces the stick with four direction buttons and has gained some favor among the fighting game crowd over the last couple of years. And unlike the controller, the Hitbox could actually have executional benefits.
Though David “UltraDavid” Graham has stopped competing in tournaments in favor of commentating due to a nerve issue in his hands, he contends that Hitbox might actually be the best method for playing fighting games. “The hitbox is the only input mechanism for fighting games that was designed after and for fighting games,” he says. “The others were just the mechanisms that happened to be in use when fighting games came up.” As such, the directional inputs allow for things that are much harder on other kinds of control methods."


To get a full read on the article, head on down to SRK and check it out!  - http://shoryuken.com/2014/07/10/button-check-exploring-alternatives-to-the-standard-six-button-stick-configuration/

Written by Hit Box — February 27, 2015

ingame.de Hit Box Review

German site ingame.de got a hold of a Hit Box to review, and they gracefully awarded a 9.5 out of 10!

Check out their in-depth review here!

Written by Hit Box — August 22, 2012

4Gamer Review

This is a very thorough examination of the Hit Box and its potential in the hands of a skilled Japanese player.  It's a very extensive writeup in Japanese by 4Gamer.net

レバーがボタンに置き換わったことの恩恵としては,必殺技コマンドの正確さのほかにも,同方向への連続入力(など,いわゆるダッシュ操作)が簡単になることが挙げられる。レバー操作では必ず一度ニュートラルを経由しなければならないため,必然的にレバーから手を離すこととなり,素早く入力するのは非常に難しい操作である。しかしHit Boxであれば,ボタンを単に2連打するだけでOKだ。

Check it out!

Written by Hit Box — July 03, 2012

PSNStores Review

PSNStores.com put Hit Box to the test in their Hardware Review.  They go over the potential of the Box and its applications in Arcana Heart 3!

Thinking of the controls in this fashion shows that really all fighting games have a unified control scheme which is where the creators of the Hit Box have struck gold.

Read the full review here!

Written by Hit Box — July 03, 2012

The Sixth Axis Review

Delriach from The Sixth Axis put together a great review of the Hit Box.  Also, don't forget to watch his extended walkthrough on how to use the Hit Box on Mortal Kombat 9!

After about 30 minutes I started getting the hang of it, and that’s when I noticed that I was able to do certain techniques with little to no thought at all.

Here's the review!

Written by Hit Box — July 03, 2012