SOCD Resolution on Cross|Up

Customization on the Cross|Up is practically endless. In addition to Button Remapping and Hotkeys, you can determine how the SOCDs are resolved on your Cross|Up. Using the "SOCD Options" menu at the top of the Designer Software, you can edit both the Input Method Priority and SOCD Resolution of your layout.

In this blog, we'll go over what SOCD Resolution is and what the options in the Designer give you access to.

SOCD Resolution

This is the option to determine how the Cross|Up deals with SOCDs. This is an incredibly important option because of the ability to do internal SOCDs with buttons and cross SOCDs between Left Stick (LS) and D-Pad (DP).

For more info on SOCDs, check out our blog post: What is an SOCD?

Classic Hit Box

This is the default option in the Cross|Up. Basically, it does what the Hit Box does. Left and Right together gets you neutral; Up and Down together gets you Up, always.


Left + Right = Neutral
Up + Down = Up

First Input Override


Typically called First Input Priority, this resolution option will only output the opposing cardinal that you activated first. 


Holding Left -> Left + Right = Left
Holding Down -> Down + Up = Down

Second Input Override

Typically called Second Input Priority, this resolution option will only output the opposing cardinal that you activated most recently.

Very useful for charge characters. 


Holding Left -> Left + Right = Right
Holding Down -> Down + Up = Up

Natural (Like Gamepad)

This resolution option emulates what pads do: Internal SOCD Resolution of Neutral; Cross SOCD Resolution of Natural.

LS and DP have internal Neutral resolutions - meaning, any SOCDs engaged within just the LS or just the DP will output Neutral.

However, when an SOCD is activated by a LS and a DP input, both directions are output. This is called a "Natural" resolution, since this is how pads typically behave. (Most fighting games now have software-side resolutions that deal with SOCDs in-game.)


DP Left + DP Right = Neutral
LS Up + LS Down = Neutral
DP Left + LS Right =
 Both Left Right
LS Up + DP Down = 
Both Left Right


When you've decided which SOCD Resolution you want for your profile, select that option by clicking on it, exit out of that menu (either by clicking the "X" or pressing "ESC"), and then click "Save Layouts to Controller" in the top-left of the Designer window.

If you still have questions, be sure to ask questions in our Discord or go over our blog on SOCDs.

Download the Designer Software: here.