SSBM Getting Started

Note: The layout in the video is our older default. See below for our new one.

First time getting your hands on a Smash Box?  Well, not to worry!  Let's sit down and play and get our hands dirty!  Starting with the default button layout: 
Each cluster of buttons are a representation of the GameCube controller flattened out!
  • The Analog Stick is controlled by your left fingers.
  • The D-pad / Tilts are controlled by your left thumb.
  • The C-Stick is controlled by your right thumb.
  • The 8-buttons on the right are controlled by your right fingers.
With all hands on deck, you'll never have to move your thumb down to hit the C-stick again!  Smash Box is designed so that you'll always be able to cover your options without contorting your hand or moving your thumbs all over the place.  By following the hand position above, you'll be off the best start possible

Tilt Modifiers

What on earth is a Tilt Modifier?  Why is it even a thing?!
Well, to get perfect control over Smash Bros., you need perfect control over your analog stick -- and Smash Box's analog stick uses all buttons.  So in order to get certain angles and access our Tilt Attacks, we'll need a way to modify our analog buttons to be the exact tilt or angle we want!  That is used just like getting a capital letter on your Keyboard!  (Hold Shift + K) and your lower case letter becomes a capital.
Just like the shift key on your keyboard, if you hold the Tilt button down, your analog stick goes from FULL tilt, to slightly tilt.  So instead of running, you will walk!  Instead of Smash Attack, you will Tilt Attack!
And that is the basis of how Smash Box works.  There are other modifiers with other purposes, but we'll go over that in another post.  Just knowing that holding down a Tilt modifier will change your analog from a Smash to tilt is all you really need to know to get started!