Designer 1.07 – Cross|Up in 3D

Play Games Never Thought Possible Download Cross|Up Designer 1.07 A joystick that does more than only arcade games?  The Hit Box Cross|Up now lets you control analog Left Stick, analog Right Stick, and Dpad all while maintaining the classic nostalgic feel of a digital lever.  Bring the Hit Box mindset to the Z-Plane! Our latest addition in...

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Replacing Buttons and Plexi

Everyone loves customizing their controllers. Here we'll overview how to remove and replace your buttons and plexi top. Tools that'll help with the process: #2 Philips Screwdriver (needed) 2.5mm Allen Wrench (needed - comes with controller) Needle-nose pliers (very helpful) Flathead Screwdriver (very helpful) Removing the Buttons 1. Put your...

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May Production Update

From our Kickstarter update: A quick production update.  For those who haven't checked out Cross|Up Designer 1.06 you can check out our in depth blog post here!     

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Mario 64 PC Port Profiles

Play Mario 64 on your Hit Box, Smash Box, and Cross|Up! People seem to be playing N64 games on PC a lot more... ...but getting controllers to work on these PC Ports is difficult, with very little controller accessibility.  Some Hit Box, Smash Box, and Cross|Up profiles might help significantly...

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Cross|Up Designer 1.06 is Here!

- Remap buttons and customize your controller with ease! - Save up to 12 unique profiles directly to your controller and take them with you! - Choose from dozens of pre-made powerful profiles, customize them, and share with friends! - Plug in your Wii Nunchuck (now button remappable) and play any genre...

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