About Us

Hit Box, LLC, has been providing controllers for the gaming community since 2010.  Its philosophy is simple: design controllers for games.  This principle has allowed it to disrupt the status quo and lead Hit Box down a growth path from garage startup to global presence.

Based in Henderson, NV, Hit Box is continuing its growth while maintaining its independent grassroots culture.  We're all gamers: that's what brought us together, and that's why we do it.  We love our products and the games that we play.


Hit Box Dustin

President and Co-founder, Developer, Everything Else
HBDustin swinging a big corporate deal.
Bio: "I like long walks on the beach and The Notebook.   Let's listen to Toto and talk about our feelings.
Spirit animals: M.O.D.O.K., Torbjorn, and Donatello.  5'8 | INFJ | Libra | Ravenclaw. "
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Hit Box Shawn

CEO and Co-founder, Manufacturing, Developer, Everything Else
Bio:  "I have to go all the way to Hong Kong to get a decent slice of pizza."
Location: Dongguon, China / Henderson, Nevada


Lead Programmer, Celebrity, Pirate
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Player Manager, Community Manager, Marketing

Bio: Soul Calibur fanboy, filthy Zero player, holds the record for longest choke-holder on stream.
Location: Dallas, Texas


 Customer Service
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Smash Community Rep, Player, 20GX
Bio:  When Clark Kent don't need to take off his glasses.
Location: Austin, Texas


Lead Art Director, Concept Art, Graphic Design
Bio:  Do I look like a bio to you?
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada