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Loading and Saving Profiles on Cross|Up

This will be an overview on how to Load and Save information to and from your Cross|Up, so you can put your profile editing and button remapping to the test. Before you continue, be sure you have the Cross|Up Designer Software: Downloads Page Loading The most important thing is that you don't...


Training Mode Profiles on Cross|Up

We've taken advantage of the Cross|Up's button remapping to create some layouts to get the most out of Training Mode. These are designed to streamline your training process, so you can focus more on the grind. The Training Mode Shortcut (Options + Touchpad) still works for these layouts, if you want to...


Importing and Exporting Profiles on Cross|Up

We have many profiles that come with the Designer Software for the Cross|Up. Some take advantage of Training Mode, others are alternative ways to think of the games you play. If you're looking to experiment with these profiles, or create and save your own, you'll need to know how to...


Last Input Priority vs Input Method Override

Last Input Priority and Input Method Override aren't completely new concepts to the FGC - alternative SOCD resolutions have been put into controllers and some games deal with directional outputs from multiple inputs methods differently than others. Check out our post for more: SOCDs and Cross Inputs in Fighting Games. However, never has there...


SOCD Resolution on Cross|Up

Customization on the Cross|Up is practically endless. In addition to Button Remapping and Hotkeys, you can determine how the SOCDs are resolved on your Cross|Up. Using the "SOCD Options" menu at the right of the Designer Software, you can edit both the Input Method and SOCD Resolution of your layout. In this blog,...