Cross|Up — Designer

God of War on Cross|Up

If you like to contextually mash the Circle button, then Cross|Up may be your weapon of choice at the end of a long hard day of slaying pantheons in God of War.  Something about playing this beautiful AAA polished hack n' slash on a joystick really brings out the visceral...


Updating Firmware on Cross|Up

We want to ensure that your Cross|Up is up-to-date with the Designer you are using. Ensuring this will give you access to new features we add and update going forward. Before you continue, be sure you have the Cross|Up Designer Software: Downloads Page Updating the Firmware To update the firmware is a pretty...


Cross|Up Designer

The Cross|Up can be used with our Designer Software that allows you to customize your controller. Download Cross|Up Designer Button Remapping Use the Designer Software to change your button layout! (More info) Input Method and SOCD Options Determine how Left Stick and Dpad interact (more info), and how SOCDs are...


Tilt Modifiers on Cross|Up

With a controller like the Cross|Up, how do you get slight analog movement with only digital inputs? Our solution, just like on the Smash Box, are button binds that we call Tilt Modifiers. These binds don't do anything by themselves, but when these binds are activated with a directional input from...


Left Stick-to-Dpad on Cross|Up

LS->DPAD, along with Camera Button and brand new tilt modifiers, allows Cross|Up users do what no other stick users can do: play 3D games. Here we'll overview the LS->Dpad bind. Cross|Up's Designer Software: Download here. LS->DPAD Hold "LS->DPAD" and turn your joystick quickly from Left Analog into the Dpad. This button is great for...