Updating Firmware on Cross|Up

We want to ensure that your Cross|Up is up-to-date with the Designer you are using. Ensuring this will give you access to new features we add and update going forward.

Before you continue, be sure you have the Cross|Up Designer Software: Downloads Page

Updating the Firmware

To update the firmware is a pretty straight-forward process. First thing to do is to ensure you Cross|Up is not plugged into a console or PC from the top port, and that you are using the side USB-B port to connect to the PC.

Next, open up the latest Designer, and select the option menu on the right side of the window.

A window should open up. Select the "Reinitialize/Upgrade Controller Firmware" option.

Specify the comport that you are using, and select "Initialize All Defaults."


If you have any questions, be sure to check out the #crossup-discussion channel in our Discord and link this blog.