Charge Motions on Hit Box

Charge motions are extremely powerful on Hit Box due to its all-button design - it makes hitting the inputs easier and buttons are quicker to activate than a traditional stick.

Throughout this blog we will go over the basics of charge motions on Hit Box to help you perfect your gameplay.



The first thing to understand is SOCD.

SOCD is short term for "Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions." Simply, it refers to when you press Left + Right at the same time, or Up + Down at the same time.

On Hit Box, SOCD Left + Right = Neutral; SOCD Up + Down = Up.

This means that when holding a Back charge, you will have to release Back in order to output the Forward. And with a Down charge, you can continue to hold Down even as you press Up.

We will help you understand and use this information better in the techniques below.

Back-Forward (4-6) Motion


Back (or Back + Down)


The horizontal charge on Hit Box is intuitive. Simply let go of your charging direction and then input your final direction and attack at the same time.

In most games, you can hold Down+Back (1) prior to going into Forward (6).


Down-Up (2-8) Motion


Left Hand: Hold Down (or Back + Down)
Right Hand: Tap Up + Attack

With the Down-Up (2-8) charge motion, you can continue to hold Down (2) while you press Up (8) - this is due to the Absolute Up priority mentioned above. Most games will allow you to to input Down-Back (1) to Up-Back (7) and Down-Forward (3) to Up-Forward (9) motions as well.

In addition, you can use your right hand to press the Up and Attack buttons at the same time.

This is one of the most precise and strongest techniques on Hit Box.


Non-Traditional Motions


Some games have characters charge motions in every direction - such as Vatista in the UNI games. Just remember when you are inputting motions that:

  • Up will always prioritize down, so you can keep holding Down when finishing with an Up input.
  • When inputting in every other direction, you will have to release your initial charge direction.

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If you have any questions about charge motions on Hit Box, please join our community on Discord and visit the #hit-box channel. In addition, be sure explore the "Hit Box" tag at the bottom of the post for more How-To content.

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