Tekken - Electric Wind Godfist - EWGF

So I am sure you know that Hit Box is good for Tekken; right?  There is all sorts of talk about EWGF and how easy it is and whether or not it is cheating... well, you decide for yourself!
*No, Hit Boxes are not actually cheating, but we have come to find our nick name the  "cheaterbox" endearing.  Hit Box is legal in every major FGC event.  Just some tech is THAT good!
I am going to walk you through the multiple ways to Electric Wind God Fist, starting from "honest" electrics all the way to "cheater" electrics!
Tip: These GIF videos are interactive!
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  • Slow the video speed to slow motion. (PC Only)
  • Watch my fingers frame-by-frame by pausing the video and clicking 'Step Forward' (PC Only)
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"Cheater" Electrics (Player 1 Side)

I lied!  We are going straight into cheaters first!  Muahahaha.

Forward (Right Index Finger)
Neutral (there has to be a space here)
Down (Hold) (Left Middle Finger)
Forward + 2 (Right Index + Ring Fingers) (Still holding Down with left hand)


By taking your right hand and using it for the Forward input, it let us you get an incredible consistency of hitting Forward + 2 simultaneously!  Like, literally, it is hard to miss after you get the motion down.  Muahahahahaha!

"Honest" EWGF (Player 1 Side)

So now that you know the dark side, it is definitely worth learning the "honest" way -- for a few reasons.
1.  You can only "cheat" your electrics on P1 side without doing some controller rewiring (wink wink).  If you are going to master electrics on both sides, it will be worth your time to learn both ways if you main a Mishima.
2.  EWGF is pretty darn consistent regardless on Hit Box.  One can argue that the "honest" electrics are just as dirty as the "cheaters!"  In fact, many players do not even bother with the "cheater" method because their EWGF timing is rock solid on a Hit Box, straight up.
Since Hit Box uses Sanwa buttons for both attacks and directions, there is no odd timing going on here -- I.E. If you use a D-Pad, Analog Stick, Korean Stick, JLF, or even keyboard keys, they are VASTLY different than your attack buttons.  Each of those input methods have much more travel time or required gram force to get the input to come out:  Apples and Oranges.
EWGF requires you to hit the attack button at the EXACT same frame as the Down-Forward.  So it makes sense that hitting two matching Sanwa buttons on the exact same frame will be much easier than the throw of a joystick, etc. 

"Honest" Electrics (Player 2 Side)

Down -> Forward + 2 (Hook your Middle Finger slightly) (Aim for Forward + 2 on the exact same frame)
Do you see how my Middle Finger drops so that it automatically hits Down first, without me timing it?  This allows me to solely focus on hitting my Forward + 2 perfectly.  With this muscle memory, all you have to do is focus on coordinating your left hand with your right hand to time the ending!
So let me show you how to practice that: 
Mastering "Honest" Electrics
This is a very simple way to practice the only part of an EWGF that makes it difficult.
Turn on Input History
Forward + 2 (over and over again)
When you hit the just frame, you feel the sync of the two inputs.  You hear the sync of the inputs. Your muscle memory for electrics is built with positive reinforcement.
So rather than just grinding it out and getting frustrated.  Practice smart!!!
The great thing about this simple exercise, is that you can practice this between games, in loading screens, on your desk, while your driving, etc.  You are teaching yourself what it feels and sounds like to hit an electric!
Then when you add the hooked middle finger, you simply ignore it and focus on the Forward + 2 and the EWGF magically works perfect.  

Kazuya PEWGF (Omen / JFSR Method)


With all that said, there is an alternate way to hit your electrics with Kazuya.
Down + Forward + 2
You do not need to hook your finger.  You simply hit 3 button simultaneously on the same frame.  This is easier to do.  So you Kazuya mains get one more feather in your cap.
Heihachi mains: F * DF + 1 is your OTG (Omen Thunder Godfist).
Hwuorang mains: F* DF + 4 is your JFSR (Just Frame Sky Rocket)
And similarly, you can practice these wherever you go as well.  You simply need to practice hitting those buttons at the exact same time!
Oh it is good to be bad...
Happy Training