King of Fighters XV on Hit Box - Hops

Movement is pivotal to great gameplay in KOFXV, and hops are a key component of that. In this guide we will showcase how to do hops, hyper hops, and take advantage of SOCD for more precision.



A hop is a shorter jump compared to a normal jump. In order to do this, you must press and release the Up button quickly.

You can do with this neutral, forward, or backward trajectories.


Try both the bounce and slide methods for hop -  as well as both of your thumbs - to see which is better for you!


Hyper Hop


A Hyper Hop is a hop that gives you more horizontal momentum, allowing you to cover more range in the hop.

In order to do this, simply press Down before initiating a forward or backward hop.



Using SOCD


You can simplify the Hyper Hop input by holding the Down button while you press Up.

Due to the SOCD Resolution in the Hit Box, Up will prioritize Down.

Doing these inputs one right after the other will result in a Hyper Hop.


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