MK11 PC Fix

Note: This information is applicable to the time of release of the game. Information may be different now.

If you are having trouble using your Hit Box with MK11 on PC, here is a quick fix!  Some strange errors have been reported and appear to be affecting some of our original PS4 Hit Boxes.

This all appears to be an input mapping problem in MK11 for DInput controllers and is affecting many.  Here is a PC fix to get you komboing in no time.

Solution 1:

go to C:\Users\$yourpcname$\AppData\Local\MK11
find and open UserSettings.ini
find “DirectInput = on”
change it to “DirectInput = off” and save

If you can not find the “DirectInput = on” then just add “DirectInput = off” and save it.

If this does not work for you then try the following solution. Note that the following fix works for both wired and wireless controllers.

Click Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings > Checkmark Xbox/PS4 Configuration Support(depending on the controller you are using). This should make the controller work.

Special thanks to for the workaround!  Full article here for MK11 PC troubleshooting.

Solution 2:

Download a third party keyboard mapping program like AntiMicro.  This will map your Hit Box inputs as keyboard strokes as long as the program is running in the background.  AntiMicro is lag free and open source (Hit Box is not affiliated with AntiMicro, but is the program we personally use for games with no controller support.)  Download Here.

Other keyboard mapping programs such as Joy2Key and x360ce should do the trick as well.

In the meantime we will see about fatality-ing these problems by other means to make sure your gaming experience is a flawless victory.