Street Fighter V on Hit Box - Getting Started

The Hit Box is the best alternative to a standard fight stick or pad controller for Street Fighter V. In order to help you take advantage of the precision of this arcade controller, we have compiled this post to go over the basics of the Hit Box and key techniques to learn in SFV. 

The Hit Box is native on PS4 and PC. If you are trying set up for Steam, please follow the information in our post "Hit Box on Steam."

If you have any questions about Street Fighter on Hit Box, please join our community on Discord and visit the #2d-traditionals channel. In addition, be sure explore the "Hit Box" and "SFV" tags at the bottom of the post for more How-To content.

The Basics


The first thing to note is how the directional buttons are placed on the Hit Box, and what that big button is for. Left, Down, and Right are all next to each other - the ASD of "WASD" - with the Up button being the big red one at the bottom. Having the Up button in the middle, and larger than the others, allows players to use Up in a similar way that keyboard users activate the space bar, and it allows you to use whichever thumb you want.

In addition, the directional buttons are placed fairly close to the action buttons in order for both hands to be used for either directions or actions. The most obvious example is simply being able to press Up and an action with the right hand at the same time. 


On the Hit Box, you have the ability to press opposite directions at the same time. We call this Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions, or SOCD for short. There are two specific SOCDs we have to consider on Hit Box: Left + Right, and Up + Down. 

With Left + Right, we get SOCD Neutral. Meaning "center" is output to the game - not left or right. With Up + Down, we get Absolute Priority of Up. Meaning Up will always override Down, no matter what order they are pressed in.

How to play

Instant Dash


Forward (hold)
Back + Forward (Neutral) (cancel each other out)
Forward (still held after releasing Back)
You can also think of it as:
Forward (hold)
Back (tap)

A dash requires a Forward, Neutral, Forward. It is normally a slower input because you have to press and release a button, then press it again.  But we have a much better way to dash!
Instant Dash, also known as "SOCD Dash," allows you to move without any telegraphing or delay.
With Instant Dash you can consistently input your dashes in 3 to 4 frames with this method.  Also, continuing to hold Back allows you to block while attempting to create space!
Learn more about Instant Dash.


Quarter Circle


The quarter circle motion is fairly straight forward. Start with Down and roll to Forward.


Down + Forward


Perfect your quarter circles in our Hadoken guide.

Dragon Punch


With the Dragon Punch you can mimic the traditional inputs.
Down + Forward
However, there are Street Fighter V specific shortcuts that the Hit Box has access to that you can use as well. For more information on these, read our post on Dragon Punches.



Half Circle Motions


Down + Forward
(Back) + Down + (Forward)
Back + Down

This motion can be tricky if you try to do it too fast - you may accidently skip the Down input. To ensure you input the whole Half Circle motion, press Back and Forward at the same time with Down. The SOCD Neutral will make sure you get a Down input. Other than that, it is a simple rolling of your fingers.

Read more in our Half-Circles guide.

Sonic Boom


Back (or Down + Back)

The horizontal charge on Hit Box is intuitive. Simply let go of your charging direction and then input your final direction and attack at the same time.

Read more in our Charge Motions blog.


Flash Kick


Left Hand: Hold Down (or Back + Down)
Right Hand: Tap Up + Attack

With the vertical charge motion, you can continue to hold Down (or Back + Down) while you press Up - this is due to the Absolute Up priority mentioned above. 

In addition, you can use your right hand to press the Up and Attack buttons at the same time.

This is one of the most precise and strongest techniques in the game on Hit Box.

Read more in our Charge Motions blog.

360 Motions


Half Circle (Forward or Back)


Similar to Flash Kick, you can end a 360 motion with Up + Attack.

In addition, there is no specific order you need to input the directions of the 360 motions. This allows you to go in the direction that is most comfortable for you.

Read our "Zangief Bible" for more information on 360 and 720 motions.

Critical Art


This is simply a double quarter circle motion.

Down + Forward
Down + Forward

However, if you wish to improve the speed and precision of your Critical Arts, there is a shortcut on Hit Box that is as fast as 4-frames! The gif below shows the Critical Art shortcuts, and be sure to read through our Critical Art guide.



If you have any questions about Street Fighter on Hit Box, please join our community on Discord and visit the #2d-traditionals channel. In addition, be sure explore the "Hit Box" and "SFV" tags at the bottom of the post for more How-To content.