Tekken 7 on Hit Box - Electric Wind God Fist

One of the strongest techniques on Hit Box is the Electric Wind God Fist. Due to the precision of all buttons, perfect EWGFs are more reliable!

In this post, we will overview the EWGF in Tekken 7 on Hit Box.

Tip: These GIF videos are interactive!
  • Play the GIF videos with sound.
  • Slow the video speed to slow motion. (PC Only)
  • Watch the fingers frame-by-frame by pausing the video and clicking 'Step Forward' (PC Only)
  • Mobile:  If the videos are slowing framerate the further you scroll down, be sure to pause each GIF after you watch it to save ram:  Tap speaker icon, then tap the video to start/stop.


Down + Forward + 2
EWGF requires you to hit the attack button at the EXACT same frame as the Down-Forward.  EWGF is very consistent on Hit Box because pressing two buttons on the exact same frame will be much easier than the throw of a joystick, etc. 


Down -> Forward + 2 

Mastering Electrics
Turn on Input History
Forward + 2 (over and over again)

When you hit the just frame, you feel the sync of the two inputs.  You hear the sync of the inputs. Your muscle memory for electrics is built with positive reinforcement.
So rather than just grinding it out and getting frustrated.  Practice smart!!!
The great thing about this simple exercise, is that you can practice this between games, in loading screens, on your desk, while your driving, etc.  You are teaching yourself what it feels and sounds like to hit an electric!

EWGF - Reach Method (P1 only)


Forward (Right Index Finger)
Neutral (there has to be a space here)
Down (Hold) (Left Middle Finger)
Forward + 2 (Right Index + Ring Fingers) (Still holding Down with left hand)

Left hand:

Right hand:

By taking your right hand and using it for the Forward input, it will let you get an incredible consistency of hitting Forward + 2 simultaneously!

Kazuya PEWGF (Omen / JFSR Method)


With all that said, there is an alternate way to hit your electrics with Kazuya.
Down + Forward + 2

You do not have to worry about that additional Down input. You simply hit 3 button simultaneously on the same frame.
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