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Designed To Excel As the best all-button arcade controller in the world, the core advantage of the Hit Box is that you have more deliberate control over your game, helping you make fewer mistakes in a match.  Random execution mistakes are significantly decreased when you use your entire hand for motions,...


Rivals of Aether on Hit Box

Rivals of Aether has great controller options that lets keyboard and pad players (of all sorts) compete against one another. These options also provide us the opportunity to get the most out of Hit Box.  The first thing to know, is that the default mode for Hit Box on PC...


Hit Box on Steam

Steam is currently the best platform on PC for fighting games, and with the growing size of the PC scene, the Hit Box player base, and popularity of online play, it is important our players can compete. Typically the Hit Box will work right after you plug it in, but...


Hit Box on Switch - Troubleshoot

Some Hit Box users may be experiencing problems with getting their Hit Box to work on Switch. Here is what you can do to get it working: Go to your Switch's home menu Go to "System Settings" at the bottom Scroll down and choose "Controllers and Sensors" Turn "Pro Controller...