RGR Tutorial with Mirror

Reverse Ground Rush

Reverse Ground Rush (or RGR) is a technique that gives extra range to your Forward Tilt Attacks or Smash Attacks out of a Run.  Quickly turning your character around mid-run will begin their skid animation, then Tilt Attack in the chosen direction during that time to RGR.
It is thought that Tilt Stick mapping on your C-Stick is required to perform this technique, but Smash Box can do it fast and clean without using the C-Stick at all!  I wholly recommend performing your Reverse Ground Rush this way:
If you use the Mirror Button modifier on the Smash Box, it will turn you around for the skid animation instantly, then resume facing you Forward as soon as you let go.  Simply add a Forward Tilt Attack / Angled Tilt Attack and you get a perfect RGR!  Side Note: Up and Down Tilt Attacks do not get this additional momentum.  For Up / Down Tilt Attacks we recommend simply running into Up or Down Tilts with Tilt2 (without using Mirror).
Here's the literal breakdown on what buttons to press and when!
Want to know more about the Mirror Button?  I'll leave a refresher video right here:
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Happy training!
- Dustin