How to Play — Tekken

Tekken - Instant While Running - iWR

Zero to 60 in just a few frames.  This guide will makes your instant While Running come out consistent and FAST!  Get ready to mash some buttons: Tip: These GIF videos are interactive! Play the GIF videos with sound. Slow the video speed to slow motion. (PC Only) Watch my...


Tekken - Pro Movement Guide

Movement usually takes years to master in Tekken -- lots of awkward cancels and unintuitive steps to force upon yourself until it's second nature.  I'M HERE TO HELP! I've collected the most useful ways to approach and execute movement in Tekken.  If you follow this guide, it will not take you years of mastery.  You'll...


Tekken - Electric Wind Godfist - EWGF

So I'm sure you know that Hit Box is good for Tekken; right?  There's all sorts of talk about EWGF and how easy it is and whether or not it's cheating... well, you decide for yourself! *No, Hit Boxes aren't actually cheating, but we've come to find our nick name the  "cheaterbox"...


Tekken on Cross|Up - EWGF

Move the stick to Right Then back to Neutral Now move the stick Down and hold it there Then press the Right D-Pad button + 2 at the same time. The key to this technique is ensuring you're getting the Neutral input between the Right and Down stick movements.  Hitting Forward...