Kawano is the EVO 2022 champion!

(Original photo by Li Hoang)

Over the weekend, Kawano became the grand champion of Street Fighter V at EVO 2022!


It has been a pleasure to watch Kawano grow as a player ever since we met and provided him a Hit Box at our booth during Combo Breaker 2019. Since then he has won many online, offline, invitational, and open tournaments in Japan. However, he was worried that due to the pandemic he would not be able to prove himself on the global stage.

Now we have seen what we can do at the most prestigious and important tournament in the world.



It was a hard fought win having to defeat Tokido, his Good 8 Squad-mate Gachikun, and, the unstoppable force from losers bracket, iDom. In the end, it culminated in one of the most entertaining and stressful sets in Street Fighter V history - going down to the last round of the last game!



We would like to thank Good 8 Squad for helping support Kawano and helping him work toward the player he has become. We look forward to more tournaments and wins with Kawano in the future!