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Controller Mods of the Month - December 2021

Ever since we introduced the gallery channel to our Discord server, we have seen some amazing custom art and mods of our controllers. Since there are so many great mods, we want to highlight some of them by starting our "Controller Mods of the Month" this year. Each month we...


Welcome Coolkidd!

We are happy to announce that Coolkidd will be joining our team in our Community and Customer Support role here at our HQ in Las Vegas! Coolkidd is a local Las Vegas Smash and Rivals of Aether player.   In the spirit of talking about Smash Bros and Ganon on...


Welcome Watch!

We are proud to announce that Watch is joining us as a brand ambassador to help us with awareness and community development in Japan and East Asia!   Watch has been running Smash events in Tokyo since February 2018, and is one of the most prominent tournament organizers - currently partnered with VGBC...


Kawano wins Topanga Championship 3!

This week our player from Japan, Kawano, won the Topanga Championship 3!   『ストV CE』トパンガチャンピオンシップ シーズン3優勝はカワノ選手! その強さをFAVのsako・りゅうせいに聞く — ファミ通.com (@famitsu) July 9, 2021   He outplaced many strong players in the event, such as Tokido, Fuudo, Daigo, Bonchan, Sako, Fujimura, and many others! Below are the results from...