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Community Content: "Hit Box: The Peculiar Controller"

O&C Fulton - an up-and-coming photographer, videographer, and content creator from Texas - conducted interviews with MC E-Mazing and Pineapples where they talked about their experience with the Hit Box. We love the unmitigated feel of these conversations, and the insights from players that are fairly new to the controller and...


NyxRose: Owner of EQNX and Hit Box shill

Meeting and talking to Hit Box players around the world has been an incredibly exciting and valuable experience for me - I've been able to learn so much and gain insight from the many perspectives of our players. It's rare, however, that any of these perspectives come from people who have strong...


ImageOmega Talks About Switching

@ImageOmega put out a fantastic review / video blog on what it was like transitioning to Hit Box. YES! A new video is ready! Made the switch to a HITBOX recently and I wanted to share my experience (especially as a beginner with a background in pc shooters using WASD...


BTS Mainstage x Hit Box + Giveaway!

This weekend Hit Box is partnering with Beyond the Summit for their first Smash major event!  We're wishing them success with their first big tournament -- be sure to check it out!!! Watch live video from btssmash on  Also don't forget your chance to win a Hit Box Smash...


Watch: Tokyo Melee, T.O., and RTB-Shogi on Smash Box

Watch at #RedBullGamingSphereTokyo Watch first learned about Smash Box with Japanese Melee player Rudolph while in America in late 2017, but was inspired to pick one up after he saw the Melee player Sobameshi and some of the best Real Time Battle Shogi players using Hit Box controllers for their...