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Profile Update for Rivals of Aether on Smash Box

Last week, Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition was released on Switch and Steam. If you're using a Smash Box on the Switch version, you will probably notice that our Default profile for the game was not working according to our design. This is most likely due to the native GameCube...


Smash Box Update - 4.04a

We're releasing a quick update for Smash Box to improve user experience and add some extra functionality. For those who play a lot of GameCube games besides Smash, you will probably like what we've added for this update. Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware Update - 4.04a Changes from 4.04: Some button-binds...


Smash Box now on Pre-Order!

Smash Box is back on pre-order with some good news: Smash Box will now come with our GameCube Controller Adapter! This means you'll be able to play it with Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch and with Smash Bros. Melee Slippi Netplay and Rival of Aether on PC right out of...


Win a GC Adapter!

We're raffling off TEN (10) of our GC Adapters! Take our Smash Box survey for a chance to win.   Raffle ends August 2nd, 11:59 PM Pacific. (August 3, 6:59 AM GMT)   Smash Box Survey


Smash Box - Out of Stock Update

Update for July 2nd, 2020 We far surpassed our goal for Smash Box and we're currently out of stock. We appreciate all the support from new players and the community around us. Get notified once we go live with pre-orders: Or if you can't wait try the SBXP: