Tekken Movement Guide UPDATE

The Tekken Pro Movement Guide got a big update -- so big it affects 1/3 of the cast!  So if you play Alisa, Anna, Asuka, Eddy, Lars, Lee, Lili, Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, Nina, Noctis, Yoshimitsu, or Zafina, this is for you.
Some wonderful fellow community members brought to my attention that the given method for Korean Backdash was lacking -- and that is a fair critique.  If you're forced to do such a highly repetitive motion such as KBD, it is best to have the most variety and accessibility as possible.
Back (hold)
Down (tap)
Forward (tap)
This method works well, but it's not for everyone.  The Standard KBD (No Back Sway) is not the most comfortable on P2 side.  Why?  It requires you to alternate two fingers that share a tendon; basically that your ring finger does not like to cooperate independently of your middle finger.
That's absolutely important for something as important as KBD.  You're bound to be doing that motion hundreds of times during a play session.  That's what this update is all about: giving you more options and accessibility!  We want to minimize hand strain at Hit Box.  So here we are:  Please enjoy these alternative methods for Korean Back Dash on Player 2 side for backflip characters!

Standard KBD Reach Method

Back (hold) (right hand index finger)
Down (tap) (left hand)
Forward (tap) (left hand)

We're doing the same motion as the normal method, only we're sneaking our right hand's index finger over to make it much easier. By simply not having to anchor your index finger on Back, it takes a lot of the encumberment away from your left hand.
If you watch carefully, I'm demonstrating it three different ways with my Left Hand:  Middle-Ring, Index-Ring, and Index-Middle.  Pick any of them for how you prefer to use your left hand.
How do I sneak my right index finger over in a match?  If you look at the first backdash, I'm using the drum method to get started.
Back (left Index Finger)
Back (right Index Finger)
That moves you into reach position.  From there you still have access to your attacks, but you're in hyper movement mode.

KBD Reach Jump Method 

Back (hold) (right index finger)
Forward + Jump (tap) (left hand) (Left + Up + Right = SOCD Up)
Forward (tap) (left hand) (Left + Right = SOCD Neutral)

This is an alternate method that completely eliminates your finger coordination.  It is the most confusing because of all the SOCD mumbo jumbo, but it is definitely a contender for backflip characters on P2 side.
It also requires Reach Position, and I move into it with drumming the first backdash.
It is also worthy to note that it requires a clean Forward + Jump tap.  If you peel away with your thumb being the last input released, you may accidentally get a backflip.  Similarly, if you do not cancel the Jump into a backdash fast enough, you may neutral jump.  Be sure to use a clean and crisp button tap!

KBD (Simple Method)

Back (tap)
Back (tap)
Jump (tap) (right thumb)
Minimalist?  Don't care about fancy hand position changes?  This is as simple and clean as it gets.  Just tap away!
As with all Jump Methods, be sure to tap the jump button as quick as possible.  Also find the best timing for your character's dash timing.  It sounds like a horse, no?  Or coconuts?  Come, Patsy!

Instant Dash Method

Back (hold)
Back + Forward (tap) (cancel each other out)
Back (release)
Jump (tap) (right thumb)
This is a challenging method to master.  However, it may be one of the most elegant and fluid ways.  Before even practicing this, I recommend first mastering the Instant Dash technique:
Back (hold)
Forward (tap)
Please see the Instant Dash section at the beginning of this guide!
Once you're confident in your Instant Dash, all this KBD method does is add the Jump button with your right thumb.  The inputs come out the exact same as the Simple Method:  [Back * Back * Up].
And there we have it!  Take your pick!  Who doesn't like having the pick of the litter?
Happy Training