SSBU - B-Reverse and Wavebounce with C-Stick

B-Reverse and Wavebounce provide great movement mixup options in Ultimate, and can be pivotal to some characters. What's interesting is that the C-Stick input overrides your Analog input for an instant. Because of this you can get a 'back' input while holding 'forward' with analog, allowing you to B-Reverse and Wavebounce with C-Stick.

Below we'll overview how to use C-Stick for these techniques. Be sure to slow down the gifs to really see how the inputs look on the Smash Box. Here's the default layout we're using:


B Reverse (Side Special)

Here's the foundation of everything we'll be going over in the blog.

To get the B-Reverse with Side Special: Jump and hold forward, press Special then immediately press C-Stick back. So if you jump left, press C-Stick right; if you jump right, press C-Stick left.

B Reverse (Neutral Special)

Just like with Side Special, activate Neutral Special in the air and then immediately press C-Stick back. While you can simply release forward to get Neutral Special, we recommend using X1/Tilt 2 to ensure a Neutral Special comes out. More info at Tilt Neutral B in SSBU.

Jump and hold Forward > X1/Tilt 2 + Special > C-Stick Back

Wavebounce (Side Special)

Wavebouncing is the same idea as B-Reverse, but zig-zags your momentum and which direction you're facing.

Jump Forward > Side Special Back > C-Stick Forward

The goal here is to do the Special in the opposite direction of your aerial momentum, and the C-Stick input is simply the reverse direction of your special.


Wavebounce (Neutral Special)

We're going to put everything we've learned above into this technique. Do the exact same Wavebounce as right before but add a Tilt button. This will turn the Side Special into a Neutral Special.

Jump Forward > X1/Tilt 2 + Back + Special > C-Stick Forward

It may look daunting at first, but once you get B Reverse (Side Special) down consistently, it'll just come down to implementing the turn-arounds and Tilt buttons to get what you want.

If you have any questions, be sure to stop by the #smash-ultimate channel in our Discord

Full showcase of these specials in the air.