Smash Box — SC

SSBM - Samus Platform Missiles

We got missiles.  We got a whole lot of missiles.  Smash Box allows us to make advanced techniques like Platform Missiles more practical and consistent than ever before!  We are going to break down platform techniques you can do with Samus step by step, so that you have the tools...


RoA - SOCD Neutral

With our controllers you have the ability to actuate both Left and Right at the same time. This is what we call an SOCD (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions). Our default setting for Left + Right SOCD is "Neutral" meaning the controller outputs a 'center' position for the directions. This offers...


SSBU - Reverse Aerial Rush and Pivot Cancel

Having control of and getting the most out of your movement is key to Smash Bros. and the techniques we'll be going over in this post are pivotal to extending your punish game and expanding your neutral. All of the examples are in gif format and you can slow down the...