Smash Box — SSBU

SSBU on Smash Box - Electric Wind God Fist with Kazuya

The Smash Box is simply the best controller for Kazuya in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Smash Box provides the obvious input accuracy needed for the character, but beyond that it affords quicker and better spaced command inputs than anything else.   In this post we will go over Kazuya's powerful...


SSBU - Optimal Mashing on Smash Box

One of the reasons the Smash Box is the best controller for Smash Bros. Ultimate is how much access you have to buttons. Since you can use all of your fingers, you have the ability to press a lot of buttons in a short amount of time. And one of the most...


SSBU - Different Walk Speeds and Uses

Ultimate is unique among Smash games and platform fighters due to the different types of walks it has in the game. The different walks and thresholds for the analog directions allows us to have more control in Ultimate. In this post we will go over all the different walks that are...


SSBU - Reverse Aerial Rush and Pivot Cancel

Having control of and getting the most out of your movement is key to Smash Bros. and the techniques we'll be going over in this post are pivotal to extending your punish game and expanding your neutral. All of the examples are in gif format and you can slow down the...