Default Profiles and Layouts on Cross|Up


The Cross|Up has three main profiles that are accessed easily by the three-way toggle switch on the side of the controller. You can switch among layouts at any time, even when plugged in and playing a game (no need to disconnect the controller).

Profile 1 - Default

Access Profile 1 by putting the toggle switch in the “I” or front position.

Main Aspects:

  • Standard button layout, with the Cross|Up movement buttons
  • Classic Hit Box style SOCDs

    Profile 2 - Last Input Priority

    Profile to can be accessed by putting the toggle switch to the “O” or middle position.

    Main aspects:

    • Dpad and LS binds swapped from Profile 1
    • Second Input Priority SOCDs
      • Holding Left -> Left + Right = Right
      • Holding Down -> Down + Up = Up
      • More info on SOCDs: What is an SOCD?

    Profile 3 - Smash Ultimate

    The Smash Ultimate profile is accessed by putting the toggle switch to the “II” or back position. 

    Main aspects:

    • Reads as a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    • Layout designed for Smash Ultimate
    • Has two Tilt modifiers to allow you to access tilt attacks and walking

      Those are the basics to our main profiles and how to switch among them.