Secret Menu on Cross|Up

There are more pre-loaded profiles than what is simply accessed by the profile switch. We have a whole smorgasbord of profiles on the Cross|Up that we call our "Secret Menu."

You access the secret menu by putting your profile switch into the "II" or back position, and then holding a specific face button when plugging the controller in.

If you end up liking one of the Secret Menu profiles a lot, but don't want to access it this way, you can always import and save these onto one of your main three profiles. Find the Secret Menu profiles and more by using the "Import Layouts" function at the top of the Designer Software window.

DP Up - No Jump on Stick

Called “No Up” in Import Layout.
Removes “Up” bind on the stick. No more accidental jumps!

P1 - Natural Resolution

Called “NaturalDS4” in Import Layouts.
Same button bindings as the default, but Left Stick and Dpad act completely separately, just like on a PlayStation DualShock4 controller.


P2 - Dpad Priority

Default layout, but the Dpad binds always override the Left Stick binds.
Useful for charge characters.


P3 - South of the Border

Called “Upside Down” in Import Layouts.
Flip your controller upside down, and play stick right-handed.

P4 - Animal Style

Called “Zangief” in Import Layouts.
Built to do 360s and 720s. Demo: link.

K1 - Low Deck

Moves the right-hand directional buttons to the bottom row.

K2 - Mid Deck

Moves the right-hand directional buttons into the middle row.


Called “MK WASD” in Import Layouts.
Provides a WASD layout for directions for the right hand, and puts block button in MK for the thumb.

K4 - Spicy Tetris

Called “Tetris” in Import Layouts.

From Devs: The most compelling reason to play Hit Box is that it makes hard drops and Zangi moves fool-proof in Tetris. This layout gives you targeting on the Hit Box buttons for Tetris 99, rotation on the first row and holds on K1. For TGM, IHS is done by mashing K1 and Hit Box Up with the thumb alone. This layout enables second input override, and will give you clean down->hard drop on Tetris99 and all SRS games. It will also give you clean sonic drop->lock for Zangi moves in TGM.


And, remember, you can set up your own profiles just like this with our Designer Software: download.