Secret Menu on Cross|Up

There are more pre-loaded profiles than what is simply accessed by the profile switch. We have a whole smorgasbord of profiles on the Cross|Up that we call our "Secret Menu."

You access the secret menu by putting your profile switch into the "II" or back position, and then holding a specific face button when plugging the controller in.

If you end up liking one of the Secret Menu profiles a lot, but don't want to access it this way, you can always import and save these onto one of your main three profiles. Find the Secret Menu profiles and more by using the "Import Layouts" function at the top of the Designer Software window. More info: here.

DP Up - No Up on Stick

Removes “Up” bind on the stick. Never accidentally jump again!!!

This is also the fastest way to master your Cross|Up. Train yourself to use the "Jump" button with your thumb and really utilize its potential.

SOCD Settings: Hit Box


P1 - Super Mario Odyssey 

Play Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch!

This is part of the 3D update we previously implemented: Joysticks Aren't Just For Fighting Anymore.


P2 - Zelda BotW

Play the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch! 

Check out this video of Dustin playing: BotW on Arcade Stick?



P3 - Training Street Fighter V

This helps grind it out in SFV training mode!

Training Mode alternate button layout to make your time in the lab more convenient and efficient. Replaces L1/L2 buttons with L3/R3 (Left Stick Click / Right Stick Click).

"Show Training Mode Keys" in the main menu of the Designer gives additional features: Hold Touchpad + Start to gain access to more training features, including Right Stick.

SOCD settings: Classic Hit Box


P4 - Training Tekken 7 / UNI

Training mode layout optimized for Tekken 7 and UNICLR!

Tekken 7

  • Touchpad + X = Training Reset.
  • Touchpad + O = Dummy Record/Play.
  • "Options" helps work the menus quicker.


  • Touchpad Resets Training.
  • "Options" helps access Dummy Record and other training settings much faster.

SOCD setting: Classic Hit Box


K1 - Anime Style

We switched Up and Down on the right hand of the default layout. This can help with your instant air dashes.

Try this in any air dasher like DBFZ or GG!

SOCD setting: Hit Box Style


K2 - Thumb Fu

6-Button stick up top. Left, Down, and Right are controlled by Thumb. Up controlled by Pinky.

I know Thumb Fu.

SOCD setting: Hit Box


K3 - Klassic MK

Nostalgia never felt SO GOOD. A numpad-style analog stick fits evenly
between the old skool layout. It's a perfect fit for MK's input system

There's no Run in MK11 for our thumb, but throw will suffice.

Let us know if you master the Klassic MK style!


K4 - Training DBFZ / GBFV / SamSho

Alternate button layout to make your time in the lab more convenient and efficient. L3, R3, and Touchpad are now right at your fingertips.

Equip this layout whenever you're ready to really push your limits in training!

This button config is optimized for multiple games: DBFZ, GranBlue, and Samurai Showdown


  • This profile is set for players who use a 6 Button button config. It should suite most players.
  • BUT: Default DBFZ Layout Uses L1/L2 for assist 1 and 2. If you play on default settings, you'll want to modify this profile to fit your needs.

Granblue Versus

  • Replaces L1/L2 for Dummy Record and Playback (L3/R3).
  • Training Mode Restart (Touchpad) replaces Analog Down.
Samurai Showdown
  • Replaces L1/L2 for Dummy Record and Playback (L3/R3).
  • Training Mode Restart (Touchpad) replaces Analog Down.

SOCD setting: Hit Box Style



And, remember, you can set up your own profiles just like this with our Designer Software: download.

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