Training Mode Profiles on Cross|Up

We've taken advantage of the Cross|Up's button remapping to create some layouts to get the most out of Training Mode. These are designed to streamline your training process, so you can focus more on the grind. The Training Mode Shortcut (Options + Touchpad) still works for these layouts, if you want to get even more out of them.

Use these layouts and create your own with the Cross|Up Designer Software: Downloads Page

Tekken 7

This video is a great overview of our Training Layouts for Tekken, as well as how to use and save them to your controller. The ideas from this video will be applicable to how you set up your own training layouts in other games.

Combo Training: Replaces L1 with a training mode reset command (Touchpad + X).

Dummy Practice: 
Touchpad + X = Training Reset
Touchpad + O = Dummy Record/Play
Options helps work the menus quicker.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Similar to the Tekken video, it's an overview on what the DBFZ Training Layouts are all about and how to get access them. These layouts can be great for GBFV and SamSho too!

Main Training Layout: This profile is set for players who use a 6 Button button config. It should suite most players.

Note: Default DBFZ Layout Uses L1/L2 for
assist 1 and 2. If you play on default settings, you'll want to modify this profile to fit your needs. 


Anime Style: The top 3 buttons are ordered as: Left | UP | Right per the Anime Style alternate layouts we created. Down from that layout has been swapped with Touchpad to help with training.

Note: Default DBFZ Layout Uses L1/L2 for assist 1 and 2. If you play on default settings, you'll want to modify this profile to fit your needs.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter 5: Replaces L1/L2 buttons with L3/R3.

Ultra Street Fighter 4: R3 = Memory, Touchpad = Reload

Other Games

UNICLR: Touchpad Resets Training.
Options helps access Dummy Record and other training settings much faster.
(Uses the same profile as Tekken 7)

Granblue Fantasy: Versus / Samurai Shodown: 
Replaces L1/L2 for Dummy Record and Playback (L3/R3).
Training Mode Restart (Touchpad) replaces Analog Down.


Mortal Kombat 11: We replaced L1 with Training Reset.

Note: If you're not a fan of Square + X to Throw and want your L1 back, feel free to remap it to Flip Stance or Interact. Get Kreative.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: This layout gives you access to the most convenient training reset possible.

Note: If you use Down a lot, such as Down-Down inputs, please remap to whatever your least utilized button is.

Learn how to get these layouts onto your Cross|Up on our post "Importing and Exporting Profiles on Cross|Up."

If you have any questions, check out our other information on Cross|Up, join our communities, or contact us.