Art Template Downloads

Hit Box - Art Template Download

Smash Box - Art Template Download

Cross|Up [ALPHA] - Art Template Download

  • Accurate PSD and GIMP files to edit artwork to go under the clear plexi for your Cross|Up Alpha.
  • Clear plexi was included with all Alpha versions.

Art Template Instructions

  • Place your art in the "YOUR ART GOES HERE" layer
  • Button holes are provided to help you visualize how your art will appear on the face of the controller. We will not print these, and you shouldn't either.
  • The placement of the holes is not guaranteed to be exactly accurate depending on print media and how it's cut. The holes approximate what you will see on the final print.
  • If you want art in your button caps, you will need to cut inside the lines.
  • The default logo will be printed unless specified otherwise by YOU.
  • A variety of alternate logos are provided, and not visible by default. If you wish to use one of these in your design, please merge it in the "YOUR ART GOES HERE" layer.
  • You are responsible for your own art.
  • You are responsible for owning the copyrights or having fair-use permission for the art you want printed. We realize that no one has ever used game, movie, tv or anime characters/art assets for which they don't legally own in a custom print - just want to make sure you're clear on that.
  • Make sure your art extends past the plate edge and into the bleed area (the dashed red line) if you want your art to go to the edge of the plate.

Printing Instructions
If you're going to print from this template yourself, here's what you need to know:

  • This template is 300dpi and measures 19x13 inches.
  • Merge all your art into the "ART GOES HERE" layer.
  • Hide all of the layers except your art layer and export as a PDF.
  • For the Hit Box and Smash Box, FedexOffice will do 17x11 (Ledger/Tabloid) prints for approximately $2.50. For the Cross|Up, if you do not have access to an A3+/B Size printer, FedexOffice offers 18x24 poster prints for about $22. For this, you will need to resize the canvas size of the image. Just be careful not to resize the entire image along with it. Remember the part above where I said to export as a PDF? That's because FedEx's software does not resize PDFs and will print PDFs at 300dpi. This makes your turnaround times faster and overall price cheaper.