Instant Dash

The Instant Dash - also known as the "SOCD Dash" - is a technique that can be done in practically every fighting game. It takes advantage of the SOCD input on Hit Box, and makes your dashes quicker.



The Instant Dash is initiated by inputting and holding the direction you wish to dash, then immediately tapping and quickly releasing the opposite direction.

Forward (hold)
Back + Forward (Neutral) (cancel each other out)
Forward (still held after releasing Back)
You can also think of it as:
Forward (hold)
Back (tap)
A traditional dash requires a Forward, Neutral, Forward. It is normally a slower input because you have to press and release a button, then press it again.  But we have a much better way to dash!


For situations where the dash macro is not used, the Instant Dash allows you to move without any telegraphing or delay.
With Instant Dash you can consistently input your dashes in 3 to 4 frames. Also, while dashing Back, continuing to hold Back allows you to block while attempting to create space!


In addition, if you wish to walk in a direction before initiating a dash, you can simply double tap the opposite direction. For example, if you wish to walk to the Right then dash, this is what you would want to input:

Right (Hold)
Left (Tap and Release)
Left (Tap and Release)

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