Street Fighter - Charge Motions

Charge motions are powerful on Hit Box.  In this guide we are booting up Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection with Street Fighter II Turbo and the classic charge motions.  Spoiler: Charge motions are nearly exactly the same now as they were back then in the days of old.
Hit Box techniques truly shine with charge characters.  By using only fingers, we are able to skip the center moving from Left and Right.  This give a natural edge by eliminating travel time.
Tip: These GIF videos are interactive!
  • Play the GIF videos with sound.
  • Slow the video speed to slow motion. (PC Only)
  • Watch my fingers frame-by-frame by pausing the video and clicking 'Step Forward' (PC Only)

SOCD Flash Kick

Note: The input transcript above is technically incorrect, and this guide will be updated in the future to reflect ST.  In Super Turbo you need to press the Jump input first, so I am actually pressing Jump before the Kick button.  The shown transcription is for SFV players where you can hit them simultaneously no problem.
Down + Back (hold)
Up into Kick (tap) (Down + Back + Up + Kick)
Notice how I am never letting go of Down-Back?  We are utilizing the power of SOCDs (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions).  This is when you press two or more directions that are opposite of each other.
Hit Box is set so that Up always beats Down.  In other words, Jump always wins.  Up overrides Down, but Left is still being held the whole time.  This is why all three of the buttons together give you an Up-Back input to finish the motion.
To input a Flash Kick, simply charge Down-Back, and press Jump into Kick.  As noted above, in ST you are required to hit Up before the Kick button.  Slightly delay your Kick.
You will also notice that I am using my Right Thumb.  This makes it extremely easy to hit Jump + Kick together, and you will always get the timing right! 
Left Thumb still works fine, but I am always an advocate for using my Right.  Give it a try! 

Sonic Boom

Down + Back (charge)
(Release Down-Back)
Forward + Punch (release Down-Back)
With proper hand coordination, there is no travel time that you would get with traditional joysticks and pads.  With practice you can very efficiently throw a Sonic Boom and return to charging. 

Half Position Sonic Boom (Reaching)

Down + Back (charge)
(Release Down-Back)

Forward + Punch (Reach Right Index to Forward and simultaneously with another finger press Punch.)

If you want to go for the perfect Sonic Boom, try reaching your Index Finger over to hit Forward + Punch.  Reaching your index is called "Half Position."  Many advanced Hit Box techniques take advantage of this unique stance.  You will always throw your Boom right away and allow you to return to charging near-instantly!
Note: This technique only works on Player 1 side.  It's worth it.

Vertical Charge Super

Note: The input transcript above and below are technically incorrect, and this guide will be updated in the future to reflect ST.  In Super Turbo you need to press the Jump input first, so I am actually pressing Jump before the Kick button.  The shown transcription is for SFV players where you can hit them simultaneously no problem.
Down + Back (charge)
Down + Forward
Down + Back
Jump into Kick (tap) (Back + Down + Up)
This is the classic triangle motion.  We can use the same SOCD technique of Down + Up to finish the motion from Down-Back to Up-Back by simply adding the Jump button in the end.

Horizontal Charge Super

In Street Fighter V, Back-Forward-Back-Forward is Guile's Sonic Hurricane super, but Balrog is going to fill in and demonstrate the motion for us with his Crazy Buffalo.
Down-Back (charge)
Forward + Punch
Once again, our fingers in coordination eliminate any travel time that would otherwise be crossing the chasm over neutral from Right to Left.
Note:  Be sure to not accidentally hit Left + Right at the same time.  This will give you a Neutral input and possibly miss the motion. 
Half Position Horizontal Charge (Reaching)
Let us see how fast we can go!
Down-Back (charge)
Forward (Right Index)
Forward + Punch (Right Hand)
Reach your Right Index Finger over and drum this motion out for maximum speed!
Remember to be very concise about letting go of your Down-Back so you do not accidentally cancel your move with a Neutral input from Left + Right.
Note:  This technique works only on Player 1 side.  But I think we'll manage just fine.
Happy Training