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SFV - The Zangief Bible - 360 / 720

I usually get a lot of questions at majors about Zangief.  "Hey, smart guy, you think you are so cool with your dragon punch shortcuts.  But what about Zangief?  That sounds impossible."  And to that question my eyes light up and I proceed to get really giddy.  Here is a...


SF - Charge Motions

We are going old school again in Street Fighter II Super Turbo!  This time focusing on everybody's favorite turtle with a flat top Guile (and guest starring Balrog in the end).  Here is a breakdown of your quintessential charge motions on Hit Box: Tip: These GIF videos are interactive! Play the GIF videos...


Tekken - Pro Movement Guide

Movement usually takes years to master in Tekken -- lots of awkward cancels and unintuitive steps to force upon yourself until it is second nature.  I AM HERE TO HELP! I have collected the most useful ways to approach and execute movement in Tekken.  If you follow this guide, it will not take you years...