Hit Box

SF - Ryu Motions

"Sure, Dustin, there are all these fancy pants shortcuts, but what is the "correct" way to input a dragon punch?"  Well, forward-thinking padowan, look no further than Super Turbo where shortcuts do not exist and you know these motions are as 'honest' as it gets.  You will find that there...


MK11 PC Fix

Note: This information is applicable to the time of release of the game. Information may be different now.If you are having trouble using your Hit Box with MK11 on PC, here is a quick fix!  Some strange errors have been reported and appear to be affecting some of our original...


SFV - Input Shortcut Guide

Did you know Street Fighter V is full of alternative inputs to make your combos easier?  Check these visual shortcut guides for faster, cleaner, and easier inputs for these vital SFV input shortcuts! Dragon Punch Motions                                  ...