Hit Box

SF - Charge Motions

We are going old school again in Street Fighter II Super Turbo!  This time focusing on everybody's favorite turtle with a flat top Guile (and guest starring Balrog in the end).  Here is a breakdown of your quintessential charge motions on Hit Box: Tip: These GIF videos are interactive! Play the GIF videos...


Tekken - Pro Movement Guide

Movement usually takes years to master in Tekken -- lots of awkward cancels and unintuitive steps to force upon yourself until it is second nature.  I AM HERE TO HELP! I have collected the most useful ways to approach and execute movement in Tekken.  If you follow this guide, it will not take you years...


SF - Ryu Motions

"Sure, Dustin, there are all these fancy pants shortcuts, but what is the "correct" way to input a dragon punch?"  Well, forward-thinking padowan, look no further than Super Turbo where shortcuts do not exist and you know these motions are as 'honest' as it gets.  You will find that there...