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Tekken Movement Guide UPDATE

The Tekken Pro Movement Guide got a big update -- so big it affects 1/3 of the cast!  So if you play Alisa, Anna, Asuka, Eddy, Lars, Lee, Lili, Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, Nina, Noctis, Yoshimitsu, or Zafina, this is for you. For the full Pro Tekken Movement Guide, click...


Hit Box - The Switch Update

You read that right. "The Switch Update."The Hit Box is now natively compatible for the Nintendo Switch. No more need for adapters or converters! This firmware update has been making its way around our Discord for a little over a month now, hence the September release on it - we...


Recent Tournament Results!

  This weekend Team Hit Box made quite a showing at Salt Fest and Vindication!   Here are some of the results:   Vindication:   UMvC3 - Hit Box Jint - 7th place UMvC3 Teams - IGL Hit Box Buttons/Hit Box Dustin - 2nd place UMvC3 Singles - Hit Box...


More Hit Box Interviews!

As promised, more interviews from enthusiastic Hit Box players!  We still have more interviews on the way, so be sure to check back to meet more amazing Hit Box players! Justin Fairbanks: Hit Box Upa:


Dudley Combo Video by Johan

Hit Box enthusiast Johan from Denmark keeps it classy with an impressive Dudley combo video in SSFIV:AE.  Below the break we asked him a few questions about his video and experiences on the Hit Box. 1.  How long have you been on the Hit Box, and how are you liking...