SSBM - Short Hop Fast Fall Missile

Tired of having only of half your gameplan when someone counterpicks FD?  Short Hop Fast Fall Missle will rocket propel your neutral game to the next level!  This is a theory technique that Smash Box now makes VIABLE!  In this short guide I'll show you how to go from zero to Metroid Prime! 

We'll be demonstrating using this awesome layout!  For more information on how to make your own custom button layout, click here!!

Tip: These GIF videos are interactive!
    • Play the GIF videos with sound.
    • Slow the video speed to slow motion. (PC Only)
    • Watch my fingers frame-by-frame by pausing the video and clicking 'Step Forward' (PC Only)
    • Mobile:  If the videos are slowing frame rate the further you scroll down, be sure to pause each GIF after you watch it to save ram:  Tap speaker icon, then tap the video to start/stop.

Short Hop

Short Hop (tap Jump (X) (release within 3 frames))

Samus has the fastest tier of jump squat, meaning that even short hopping can be tricky at first!  In order for Samus to Short Hop, we need to be on-and-off the Jump button very quickly!

If you study how my finger is Short Hopping, I am not actually hammering the button down-and-up, I'm passing through the button!  This takes literally all the sluggishness out of any button you press you make and is the easiest way to master the Short Hop.

Don't Do This:
Press Down

Release Up

Do This:
Press THROUGH the button
Let the button spring back up on its own.

This way you're doing one motion that presses and releases!  That's the fastest way to master Short Hops!

Short Hop Fast Fall Missile

Short Hop (tap Jump (X) (release within 3 frames))
Wait (until apex of the Jump)

Fast Fall Missile (Down + Y2 Modifier -> Forward + Special (B))

The Y2 Modifier is a very special modifier that allows this all to happen.  By holding down Y2 we're still able to Fast Fall; and when we're switching from Down to Down + Forward we're getting a tilt angle that is shallow enough to still get a Side B Missile.

We can press Y2 Modifier either with the Down direction or the Forward direction.  Personally I find it better to press and hold Y2 with the Down button so there's one less thing I can screw up later.  Every misstep we can eliminate helps with consistency.

TIP:  Y2 Modifier requires your Smash Box to be in Tilt Mode by making sure the D-Pad Switch is in the Circle "O" position in the top left corner.  That turns your Left Thumb buttons turn into modifiers that allow you do Tilt Attacks and Recovery Angles!


First we have to be able to time the apex of our jump.  Once we're at the top of our Short Hop, that's when we initiate the Fast Fall into Missile.  This timing is easy to practice along with your Short Hops, just practice Jumping into Fast Fall until you're extremely comfortable with both parts.

The act of switching from Fast Fall to Missile has to be done instantly.  It should be practiced as a frame-perfect input, just like pivots or JC Shine or any other extremely difficult technique in Melee.  And thus, this is where lots of practice comes in.

The main timing error usually happens with your right hand on the Special (B Button).  Getting both hands to cooperate with tight timing requires some patience and skill.

TIP:  Listen to the sound of the buttons when I Fast Fall into Missile:  You can hear the timing.  And once you hear the timing and do it, you can feel the timing.  The arcade buttons allow you to really get an intimate knowledge of how the technique is performed, which is why Smash Box accels so much at tight timing such as this!

Runaway SHFF Missile

Dash Short Hop (tap Back -> Jump (X) (release within 3 frames))
Wait (hold Back and wait until apex of the Jump)

Fast Fall Missile (Down + Y2 Modifier -> Forward + Special (B))

Run. Jump. Shoot.  Whichever direction you're holding, that's the where you're shooting.  On Smash Box we're able to easily kite our opponent and drop a Missile anywhere!

This technique is missing from every Samus player's game.  And Final Destination won't be as uphill of a fight now that SHFF Missile is joining the meta!  On stages with platforms we can even mix up whether we're going to land on a platform or drop through it with a Missile.  What a fun new toy to keep any opponent on their toes. ;)

Happy Training!

-Hit Box Dustin