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MODE Modifier on Smash Box

Smash Box has many modifiers in its toolkit, and probably the most unique modifier is MODE. You can think of MODE as utility modifier that can do many things. Provides alternate values for every Tilt Modifier. Acts as a Light Shield Toggle when activated with L and/or R. Rotate the C-Stick to...


Rivals of Aether for Steam on Smash Box

With its growing popularity, more players are starting to get into Rivals of Aether, including many Smash Box players. Here's a guide to setting up your controller for the game on Steam. Overview GameCube to PC Adapters: Hit Box GCA or Mayflash, switch on the back of the adapter set...


SSBM - SOCD Neutral Tech

The default setting on Smash Box for SOCDs is to resolve to Neutral. This means that when you press Left + Right, the Smash Box outputs a Neutral or 'center' position with the directions. This is a great tool we can use to be more precise with some specific actions in Melee....


SSBM - Pivot Techniques

  Precise control of your movement is one of the most important skills to hone in Melee. And one of the more unique, difficult, and useful movement techniques to master is pivoting. Here we'll talk about the multiple ways you can pivot with a Smash Box, separated into three styles:...


SSBM - WASD Analog Pivots with DK

A friend once told me 'If only DK's Bair was switched with his Fair he would be top tier.'  In Rishi's video "Can Donkey Kong Win a Major" he suggests that pivots can help overcome DK's lack of fast forward-facing moves.  Thanks to to the power of Smash Box Pivots, we might...