Hit Box Army: Players

Part of our goals here at Hit Box is giving some of the best players in the community out there a chance to earn their time in a bigger stage.

Whether its at their local regional, or a grand event such as EVO, we believe in investing in up-and-coming players by sending them to events and giving them the tools they need to make themselves known in the community.

The players listed below are ones we personally believe deserve their fair shot to be recognized in the FGC. To be a valued participant and leader in their own scene.

And above all, to earn the respect reserved for true competitors.

This, is the Hit Box Army.

Brian “Docta Afrikan” Mbipeh

Dallas, TX

Docta Afrikan discovered competitive fighting games in 2013, and his life changed. The first large-scale tournament he traveled...

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Chris “Chris” Nguyen

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Chris Nguyen is a software engineer by day, while being a competitive fighting game player for over ten years and a tech enthusias...

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Denson “Densetsu” Taylor III

Atlanta, GA, USA

“I am NOT a scrub.”

Densetsu is a pianist, streamer, and fighting game competitor. He has been competing in fighting...

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Zachary “Zack Rob” Roberts

Seattle, Washington

Beginning his competitive journey in his 2015 debut with MKX, Zack Rob has been determined to make his name a staple in the FGC...

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Jonathan “JayTo” To

Dallas, TX, USA

Starting with Street Fighter 4 in 2009, Jayto has been competing in fighting games for 10 years, eventually making a name for hims...

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