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If you've just received your Hit Box, then there's no need to update your controller!  Out of the box it will be updated with the latest everything.  Once in a while your controller may need to be updated, however, and that's why we have this firmware page.  The tell-tale sign is the 8-minute disconnect problem.  This is a rare occurrence, but we can help if it ever happens.

Firmware Update - 7/20/2020


  • For Hit Boxes from June 2020 and later
    • Previous Hit Box firmwares or any other Brook firmwares are NOT compatible with Hit Boxes made from June 2020 or later.
  • Extract the folder with firmware.bin to your PC. This is important because Windows 7/10's automatic zip extraction does not work with this new flashing method.
  • Unplug your Hit Box from your PC/Console.
  • Hold the HOME and SHARE button while plugging it into your PC.
  • Wait a bit, and you will see a new disk drive on your PC labeled WireDS4.
  • Open this disk drive. In this drive is a single file named "firmware.bin."
  • Overwrite the firmware.bin file in the WireDS4 drive and replace it  with the firmware.bin in the folder you extacted to your desktop earlier.
  • If successful, the disk drive will unmount itself and the controller will reconnect itself. You will see it as "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" in joy.cpl
  • For more info: New Hit Box Troubleshooting and Firmware.

    PS4 Firmware Download - The Switch Update - 9/13/2019

    • For Hit Boxes from June 2016 to June 2020.
    • Lets you play on the Nintendo Switch on your Hit Box without an adapter.
    • Lets you start up your controller in different modes for PC:
      • Hit Box now boots automatically in Xinput mode when plugged into a PC (no need to hold any buttons, just plug in)
      • Hold Square/LP as your plugging the Hit Box into your PC to get PS3 mode (read as "P3 Wired Gamepad v1.6" joy.cpl)
      • Hold Triangle/MP for PS4 mode (P4 Wired Gamepad v1.6)
      • Hold R1/HP for Xinput mode (Controller/Xbox 360 for Windows)
      • Hold L1/3P for Switch mode (Real Arcade Pro S)
    • Limited to DPAD only for directions, you won't have left stick or right stick.
    Installation Instructions
    • Run Hit_Box_Switch_Firmware.exe in administrator mode.
    • Plug in your Hit Box while holding "Home" and "Share."
      • If you're not sure which side buttons those are, hold them all down.
    • The updater will change screens and show an "Update" button, click it.
    • Wait until it's done. 
    • Unplug your Hit Box and plug it back in.
    • You know your Hit Box is running the new update if you check your USB Game controllers.
      • Hit Win+R and type "joy.cpl" if it shows up as an Xbox 360 controller, you're updated.
    • Firmware update fixes 8-minute timeout issue.
    • Hold PS(Home) + Share(Select) while you plug your Hit Box into PC.  Allow drivers to install.
    • Download PS4 Firmware Download, extract updater, run file, click update.
    • Only download this file if your Hit Box was one of the original PS4 Hit Boxes from 2015 - 2016.  Firmware update fixes 8-minute timeout issue.
    • Hold PS(Home) while you plug your Hit Box into PC.  Allow drivers to install.
    • Download PS4 Firmware (Pre June 2016) Download, extract updater, run file, click update.
    • Removes controller update prompt when plugging in Hit Box.

    Hit Box - Art Template Download

    If for any reason you're having problems with your Hit Box, you can reach us at: or post in the #tech-support channel in our Discord.

    We're looking forward to helping with any problems!