Dustin “HBDustin” Huffer

Las Vegas, NV

Sex. Exotic pets. Environmentally unsafe. I really enjoy watching Magnum P.I. Some day I would love to have a helicopter. I don't like watching CHIPS as much as Magnum because I like helicopters more than motorcycles. I began my journey as a Magnum P.I. fan one night watching the CHARGE network on TV because I don't have an expensive cable package. The package we have is very modest and affordable, and allows me to appreciate television from prior generations as if it were new today. I am not a fan of NCIS or Dancing With the Stars. I was hoping that one day I could become a helicopter pilot. But I don't think I can grow a mustache like Tom. It isn't required, but I don't know if I have the courage or confidence without a moustache. It is important to me.