Hit Box


This Unique All-Button Controller is Designed to Excel at Fighting Games.

Hit Box has been a growing movement of players, hardcore and beginners alike, that made the switch and never looked back.  It is no secret anymore that the Hit Box Army keeps growing and growing.  But why?  Ever wonder why you keep seeing more and more players on these crazy button boxes?

By rolling your fingers, fireball motions come out fast, clean, and crisp.

The core advantage of the Hit Box is that you have more deliberate control over your game, helping you make fewer mistakes in a match.  Random execution mistakes are significantly decreased when you use your entire hand for motions, rather than your wrist or thumb.  
With arcade buttons for movement, your inputs are naturally faster and your reaction time is improved.  By utilizing the sensitivity of Sanwa buttons, it allows for moves to come out in the minimum amount of time possible in ways that are much more ergonomic than other controllers.
The deliberate control not only yields higher consistency with your inputs, but it allows you to push the realm of what is even possible in a fighter.

'Type' your dragon punch motions out quickly.

The fastest blocks; the craziest combos; because you're playing with your fingertips, everything becomes faster and easier.  There are also many Hit Box only techniques and shortcuts that you can take advantage of to help secure the win.  Check out our video page for classic tutorials to go beyond the basic motions.

Full How to Hit Box Street Fighter Shortcut Guide Here.

Not Sure if You're Ready?

You will be surprised how easy it is to learn.  You already know the games; you just have to translate what you already know!  The sooner you do it, the faster you will improve.
If you are into Street Fighter, Dragonball, Tekken, or any arcade style game for that matter, Hit Box is the way to play!