Smash Box

The Hit Box Smash Box is Revolutionary.

Easier on the hands.  Tighter on the dash dance.  EVO / Genesis legal.  The Hit Box Smash Box is the controller you have full control over, and we hope you enjoy our sandbox approach to precision control.

So much development has happened alongside our Alpha Backers since the KickStarter campaign in 2017.  The final build of the Smash Box is something far greater than we ever could have hoped, and it's all thanks to the hard work of the community that worked alongside us during development.  We have proudly implemented tons of features that were never mentioned in the original KickStarter campaign.  We're truly proud to present the Hit Box Smash Box, and we are ever grateful to our KickStarter backers for making this dream project a reality! - HB Dustin
New Smash Ultimate mode default button layout.

NEW Smash Box Firmware / Designer Software v4.03 Download

  • Programmable Button Mapping - Choose your own layouts!
  • Programmable Tilt Values - Custom Angles!
  • SOCD ControlLeft + Right Priority!
  • Import / Export / Custom Smash Box Profiles -- Download popular builds or share your profiles with others!
  • Hand Craft Your Own - Create a mastermind profile just for your main, or customize your Smash Box for any other game you might play!
  • Swap Profiles on the Fly - Have 3 unique profiles and button layouts loaded into your Smash Box at once!  Have different profiles for different characters or games!!!
  • Notes:  Designer Software for PC Only.  Disable Antivirus to Install.
  • Video Troubleshooting Guide - Hotfix / Firmware / Designer
  • PDF Remapper Guide


    We designed this layout specifically for Smash Brothers Melee.  Check out our How to Play section and see why!  Think you can top it?  Create your own master button layout using the Designer Software!


    Smash Boxes now come loaded with an all new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate button layout as well!

    Holding down modifiers will lower your analog buttons from smash to tilt!

     Play using all of your fingers for what was only your thumbs before!



    Smash Boxes now come with new layouts and profiles on the second switch:  Ultimate / Melee / General profiles to give you a diverse gaming experience out of the box!  Customize them further with our software!


    Looking for Smash Box tutorial videos?  Check out the How to Play section!

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    The Smash Box is now out in the wild!  Join the pioneers of the Smash Community by teaming up and swapping tips, tricks, tech, and profiles!

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