Smash Box

The Hit Box Smash Box is Revolutionary

Easier on the hands.  Tighter on the dash dance.  EVO / Genesis legal.  The Hit Box Smash Box is the controller you have full control over, and we hope you enjoy our sandbox approach to precision control.

So much development has happened alongside our Alpha Backers since the KickStarter campaign in 2017.  The final build of the Smash Box is something far greater than we ever could have hoped, and it's all thanks to the hard work of the community that worked alongside us during development.  We have proudly implemented tons of features that were never mentioned in the original KickStarter campaign.  We're truly proud to present the Hit Box Smash Box, and we are ever grateful to our KickStarter backers for making this dream project a reality! - HB Dustin

Optimized for Competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Each Button is Specifically Placed with Smash Ultimate in Mind

How do I do Tilt Attacks?

Holding down modifiers will lower your analog buttons from smash to tilt!

Smash Box Designer Software

Character Specific.  Game Specific.  You specific.  Customize your Smash Box to exactly how you like it.

DOWNLOAD: Smash Box Firmware / Designer Software v4.03

  • Programmable Button Mapping - Choose your own layouts!
  • Programmable Tilt Values - Custom Angles!
  • SOCD ControlLeft + Right Priority!
  • Import / Export / Custom Smash Box Profiles -- Download popular builds or share your profiles with others!
  • Hand Craft Your Own - Create a mastermind profile just for your main, or customize your Smash Box for any other game you might play!
  • Swap Profiles on the Fly - Have 3 unique profiles and button layouts loaded into your Smash Box at once!  Have different profiles for different characters or games!!!
  • Notes:  Designer Software for PC Only.  Disable Antivirus to Install.
  • Video Troubleshooting Guide - Hotfix / Firmware / Designer
  • PDF Remapper Guide


Store up to three custom button layouts and profiles on your Smash Box and change between them on the fly!  Default comes with highly optimized profiles for competitive play:  Ultimate, Melee, and a general profile for PC gaming.

    We designed this layout specifically for Smash Brothers Melee.  Think you can top it?  Create your own master button layout using the Designer Software!

    Game With Health in Mind

    Many players choose Smash Box to help reduce development of Repetitive Strain Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  While Smash Box is not a medical device, it was designed to improve upon the ergonomics of the GameCube controller and bring about much needed healthy change to the Smash Community.

    Our design uses the most sensitive high-quality Sanwa arcade buttons with a layout that requires the least amount of wrist and finger motion.  Smash Box gives you the highest level of gameplay without sacrificing your hand health.

     Play using all of your fingers for what was only your thumbs before!


     Push Your Game to New Heights

    Smash Box will push your tech skill and movement to its maximum.  By playing with all buttons, you're able to learn tech skill faster and maintain higher consistency.  Quite simply, the wiggle room is gone and you're in 100% control of your game.

    The consistency Smash Box brings allows you to overcome your previous barriers and push your movement and tech skill further and faster.

    Too Much to Learn?

    Yes, it has a lot of buttons.  No it's not hard to learn!!!

    Many people who try Smash Box are able to just sit down and play!  We also have been releasing an ongoing robust tutorial series to teach you how to get the most out of your Smash Box.  Whether you're a beginner or an established tournament veteran, you'll be able to improve your game significantly.

    By taking your hard earned experience and game knowledge and applying it to Smash Box, you're able to build more consistent muscle memory and have fewer flubbed inputs, not to mention helps get rid of old bad habits!  Your years of experience won't go to waste -- after the basics it's like finally taking off the training weights.

    There is also a whole community of players on our Discord who can exchange tips and help answer questions.  Join the Smash Box Community on Discord:


    Other Product Features

    PC Game Support:  Not only is Smash Box a GameCube controller, it also plugs directly into your PC as a DirectInput controller device.  Hold down Tilt1 while you plug in the USB to play on Dolphin and so much more!

    Play With a Wii Nunchuk:  That's right.  If you're still more comfortable playing with an analog stick, you can plug in your Nunchuk and play!  Hold down Analog Left while you plug in your Smash Box to enable Nunchuk Mode!

    You can also set PC and/or Nunchuk modes as default in the Smash Box Designer software if that is your preferred way to play!

    Sanwa Arcade Buttons:  Sanwa-Denshi is the gold standard of arcade pushbuttons.  They are used in arcades in Japan and have an incredibly long lifespan of 1,000,000 cycles.  They are easily replaceable and can be swapped for other colors and brands 24mm arcade pushbuttons as well.

    Sturdy Case and Plexiglass:  We use the highest quality build with our controllers.  Smash Box is 16" x 12" x 2" of sturdy steel and weighs roughly 6 lbs.  Its paint is powder coated and resistant to scratches and wear.  The top is a sturdy high quality plexiglass that is 1/16" thick, a very thick glass.

    BUFF Detachable Cable:  Our cable has been upgraded above and beyond the highest quality.  It is a replaceable 3-meter braided GameCube cord with a sturdy industrial-grade end that plugs directly into the Smash Box.

    We take our quality seriously and offer only the best.  We design our products to last for years and years to come.  The wearable parts are replaceable, and the overall build is like a tank.  And over the years if you come across any problems we will help repair or replace the unit.  Just e-mail our main customer service line at

    We aim to satisfy and help you reach your gaming goals.  Whether you want to rank higher in your power rankings, reduce your wrist pain, or simply enjoy the arcade feel, we're here to help.

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